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Completion of the MA in English and American Literature requires ten course credits. Students in the MA program are expected to prepare themselves broadly in English and American literature. This means that students are expected to complete at least two courses in English literature, one of which must be Shakespeare, and at least two courses in American literature, of which one must cover literature written before 1900. Additionally, students are expected to take one class in non-English literature course in translation.

Like MFA students, MA students must earn eight credits with course work, typically in four summers. They can earn the remaining two credits either with a thesis or with additional course work over another summer . Those who choose the thesis option may, like MFA students, complete theses at home, corresponding with their advisors. If they begin work on their theses immediately after their last summer of course work, they can receive their degrees the following May.

School of Letters MA Expectations and Requirements (pdf)

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