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2020 Online Course Registration through Banner Web

Please read this page carefully before you begin.


Gain access to Banner Web for Students from the University Registrar’s website at The Banner system is available from 2:00 A.M. until 11:00 P.M. each day. Use your Network ID and password to log on. This program runs best on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


Banner Self-Service Main Menu

After you have successfully logged on, you will be taken to the Banner Self-Service Main Menu. From the Main Menu, you can choose any of the active Banner Self-Service options that apply. Select STUDENT SERVICES.

Student Services Menu

After selecting the “Student Services” link from the Main Menu, you will be taken to the Student Services Menu. This menu contains links to two other menus: the Registration Menu and the Student Records Menu. Select Registration.

Registration Menu

After selecting the “Registration” link, you will be taken to the Registration Menu. This menu contains several registration related links.


You are required to sign the Financial Responsibility Statement before you register. Then return to REGISTRATION.


Term Selection

Before you can perform any registration-related activities, you must select a term in which to work. Select Summer 2019 from the dropdown menu.

TERM: Easter (Spring) 2020


After selecting a term, choosing the “Registration” link will lead take you to the Alternate/Advising Pin Verification Page. You will type in your advising PIN.

                    ADVISING PIN: SLET20

Enter SLET20 and submit. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE your Advising PIN.

This is NOT the same as your Network ID PIN. If your advising PIN does not work, please contact the Registrar's Office:

Be advised that the Registrar's office will be closed for the holidays between December 20  and January 3.

After entering your alternate/advising PIN, you will then be directed to the “Registration Worksheet” page.


Search for courses to ADD by clicking the “Course Search” button.

After selecting the “Course Search” button you will be directed to the “Look-Up Class to Add” page.

Select the following criteria from the appropriate dropdown menus, and ignore the rest.


SUBJECT: English


CAMPUS: College of Arts and Sciences


A page with Letters courses will appear.

Choose only the courses for which you’ve been confirmed. (Thesis courses are ENGL 599 for 6 hours)

Choose a section by clicking the “Select” box to the left of the course name and then clicking the “Register” button to register.

Registration Results

When one or more courses have been successfully registered, the results will be displayed.

Student Detail Schedule

After registering, you may click on the “Student Detail Schedule” link to view your schedule for the semester. This view shows details of each of the classes in which you are registered.

Student Schedule by Day & Time

You may also view your schedule arranged by day and time by following this link.

There is also a link that will take you to the Bookstore if you choose to order books through the University Bookstore.

A few notes before you begin:

  • Microsoft Explorer or Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers for Banner Web.
  • If your Banner PIN does not work, contact the IT Help Desk so they can reset it. They can be reached at email or phone 931.598.1369 from 8 am – 4:30 pm weekdays.
  • HOWEVER, if the advisory PIN does not work, contact the administrator.
  • When entering ID or PIN, DO NOT cut and paste. Please type those exactly as they appear.
  • Your Banner ID # will have leading zeros following the initial letter. (ie B00345678 is the capital letter B followed by zero, zero, 34567.)

Please register ONLY for the courses approved in your confirmation email.

If you have trouble with registration, for example the advisor PIN listed above does not work, please contact the Registrar's Office:

If you have trouble logging onto Banner, please contact the IT helpdesk:

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    Help Desk: phone 931.598.1369