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Assistance for Students with Disabilities

The University of the South is committed to fostering respect for the diversity of the University community and the individual rights of each member of our community. In this spirit, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the University seeks to provide disabled students with the reasonable accommodations needed to ensure equal access to the programs and activities of the University. While the University provides a number of services to support the academic work of all its students (including tutoring and study skills programs), additional accommodations can be made specifically for students with learning disabilities, mobility limitations, certified visual and hearing impairments, and other functional limitations as defined by the ADA via Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

SAS seeks to create an environment wherein the nature and degree of access to programs, services, and facilities, and the level of self-determination afforded qualified persons with disabilities are indistinguishable from those which are available to their peers without disabilities. Students with disabilities are afforded access as immediately and unobtrusively as possible at the point of institutional contact and are recognized for their abilities, rather than their disabilities, or stereotypical attributes ascribed to their respective physical or mental impairments.

As an office, SAS provides accommodations, consultation, and advocacy for qualified students with disabilities. Determination of student eligibility to request reasonable accommodations is made by SAS staff. SAS works collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to create an inclusive educational environment for students with disabilities. SAS values relationships with students and seeks to promote pride in the value of one’s disability-related experience and empowers students  to self-advocate by providing them with necessary skills and support. SAS will not seek out students for accommodations and in no case will accommodations be provided retroactively. Students seeking accommodations should contact Student Accessibility Services by phone at (931) 598-1325 or email at

Domain Rules

Additional University of the South policies that may be applicable to the School of Letters are available here:

duPont Library

Sewanee’s Jessie Ball duPont Library houses 713,000 print volumes, along with more than 318,000 microforms and more than 20,000 records, tapes, CDs, videocassettes and DVDs. Because of the long-standing strength of the English department and allied programs such as the Sewanee Review and The Sewanee Writers' Conference, its holdings in literature and literary scholarship are especially strong. Archives and Special Collections house many rich resources including The Rick and Wilma Sommer Special Collection with its more than 3,000 volumes of Agrarian and Fugitive literature, unpublished papers of William Gay, and materials related to the Highlander Folk School and the Civil Rights Movement. The William Ralston Listening Library and Archive is located on the second floor of duPont Library. This state-of-the-art facility houses a world-class collection of recordings and features the best sound playback system available. One copy of all required texts is placed on Coursebooks on Reserve at the Circulation Desk at the Library. Coursebooks are available for checkout for a limited time.

Those resources are supplemented by cooperative agreements with other libraries, including one which gives Sewanee students borrowing privileges at the Jean and Alexander Heard Library at Vanderbilt University, an hour and a half away in Nashville. The duPont library also has computer labs and printers, equipped to accommodate Mac or PC users. One copy of all required texts is placed on Coursebooks on Reserve at the Circulation Desk at the Library. Materials are available for checkout for three hours. Students are given an orientation tour of the library during their first week.

The Library can be accessed online here: Library and Information Technology policies can be found here:

Fowler Center

The Robert Dobbs Fowler Sport and Fitness Center, with exercise rooms, indoor track, indoor tennis courts and indoor pool, is available for student use. Your ID card is your access to the gym. Family access is available at an additional cost.

The campus also includes a newly renovated Gil Hanse designed golf course, outdoor tennis courts and a number of hiking trails. Find out more about trails here.


The Office of Residential Life will make all housing assignments. All updated information concerning 2018 housing costs and availability will be presented to returning and new students when it is available. Rates for 2018 are:

Residence Hall Single Room: $1018
Family House: $1172

LiveSafe App

LiveSafe, a mobile-safety technology for the University’s community, empowers students, University employees, and campus visitors to take charge of their own safety and to look out for those around them. LiveSafe can be used to contact 911 or our local police force using wireless. In addition, there is a map feature. It can be downloaded as an App on Apple or Android phones.


Each student has a mailbox in the Student Post Office, located on the lower level of the Bishop’s Common. Please visit the post office (SPO) to get a mailbox number. Your postal address will be YOUR NAME, BOX NUMBER, SPO, SEWANEE, TN, 37383. If you need to have a package sent, substitute 735 University Avenue for your box number and use the SAME ZIP CODE.

Parking and Vehicle Registration

All student cars and bikes must be registered with the Sewanee Police. Links to registration forms will be provided in the Enrollment Checklist through Sewanee Connect. Parking regulations can be found here.

Social Media

Along with the public Facebook page at, the School of Letters has a student facebook page. You may join the group and their lively conversations, and student and alumni news, at Send the administrator an email if you'd like to be added.

Follow us on Twitter: @SewaneeLetters

University Wellness Center

The University Wellness Center includes the Student Health Center, University Counseling Services, and Student Accessibility Services. UWC information can be found at

Contact information and services provided by University Health Services can be found at

University Counseling Services provides graduate students with a list of private providers in the area at

Information about Student Accessibility Services can be found at the top of this page or at

Information about graduate student vaccination requirements can be found on this page, below, or at

Students are responsible for notifying their insurance provider of change of address for the six weeks so that coverage is not interrupted. The School of Letters will not collect health form information. If you have a health issue or other information that you would like to share with the Wellness Center, please contact them directly to submit your records.

Proof of Immunization

All School of Letters students (new and returning) are required to provide proof of immunizations prior to enrollment in classes. Please print this form to use when you submit your proof of immunization:

2018 School of Letters Proof of Immunization Form

Following is the list of required immunizations:

1. Two doses of Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine or proof of immunity to each;
Adults born in 1957 or later without acceptable evidence of immunity to measles,
mumps, or rubella (*defined below) should receive 1 dose of measles, mumps, and
rubella vaccine (MMR) unless they have a medical contraindication to the vaccine,
e.g., pregnancy or severe immunodeficiency.

 * Notes: Acceptable evidence of immunity to measles, mumps, or rubella in adults is:

○ Born before 1957,
○ Documentation of receipt of MMR, or
○ Laboratory evidence of immunity or disease.
○ Documentation of health care provider-diagnosed disease without laboratory
confirmation is not acceptable evidence of immunity.

2. Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine or proof of immunity;
3. Two doses of Varicella vaccine, proof of immunity, or date of infection;
4. Tuberculin screening within the last 6 months of matriculation;
5. Tdap vaccine within the last ten years. If only Td or tetanus on record, a Tdap must
be administered.
6. Meningococcal vaccine*: If you are living in a residential hall and are under the age
of 22 and have not had a meningococcal vaccine after the age of 16 years, you are
required to have a booster meningococcal vaccine.
*If you are over the age of 22 and you intend to live in a residential hall on campus, you are
encouraged to speak with your healthcare provider about their recommendations
regarding this vaccine.

The complete policy may be found here.

Records may be sent by fax to (931) 598-1746 or by email to Please be aware that email communications are not always secure and that fax is the preferred method of submitting forms. Or, copies may be mailed to:

University Health Services
University Wellness Center
The University of the South
Sewanee, TN 37383

If you have any questions, please direct them to University Health Services at (931) 598-1270. For 2018, the deadline for School of Letters students for vaccinations will be Monday, June 4 by 5 pm. If you have not completed the required vaccinations, you will receive communications from the Wellness Center. Incomplete immunization will result in the inability to enroll in classes.

Wireless Access

A guide to the Library and Information Technology Services, including access to the Sewanee Secure Wireless network, will be presented to you before your arrival. You can also find it online here:


Sewanee has a new partnership with Zipcar, the world’s leading car-sharing network. The convenient, self-service transportation option is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for students, ages 18 and older. Cars can be reserved for as little as an hour or for multiple days.  Two vehicles are now available. The Zipcars have designated parking spots located on University Avenue in front of the Sewanee Book and Supply store and on Georgia Avenue in front of the Bishop’s Common, across from duPont Library.

Sewanee members can join for $15, with rates starting as low as $7.50 per hour and $69 per day. Gas, maintenance, insurance, and up to 180 miles of driving per day are included in Zipcar rates.

For more information on how to become a member of Zipcar at Sewanee, please visit