It's more than just a dorm.

When our students come together on Sewanee's campus, they not only work and collaborate, but also live in community with one another. In between classes, students come together to study at DuPont Library or to grab a snack at Stirling's Coffee House. After morning classes are finished, students grab lunch together across the lawn at McClurg Dining Hall before returning for afternoon workshops. Many of our single students then return to their residence halls, while families and spouses live close by in on-campus University houses or at nearby private rentals.

Housing Options

Living in Sewanee


Our sustainable marketplace-style dining hall is conveniently located across the lawn from Gailor Hall, where classes convene each day. Sewanee also offers many on-campus dining options, with local fare a short walk or drive away. There is no mandatory meal plan, so students can opt in as little or as often as they would like. 


Swimming, tennis, golf, running...we do it all, and more. Take advantage of our newly renovated golf course, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and the Fowler Sport and Fitness Center with its exercise rooms, indoor track, and indoor pool.


Explore what our 13,000-acre campus has to offer. Through the Sewanee Outing Program, students can utilize every aspect of the Domain through guided trips and access to the gear shop. Or, you can just take a hike.


From checking out a book for your poetry writing workshop to writing an essay for your Shakespeare class, duPont Library is there to help. With state of the art computers, access to hundreds of databases (including JSTOR), and free printing services, the library will make researching that 20-pager easier.

...And Everything Else

Need to go on a grocery run? Do some laundry? Rent a car? Use the Wi-Fi? Check out this list for all of the essential places to know for living in Sewanee.