Our curriculum is designed to immerse students in writing, inspiring them through longstanding literary traditions.

Ten courses

Over the course of three to five summers, students complete 30 semester hours, or 10 course credits. All students will take eight courses, normally enrolling in two courses during the summers, before completing a thesis project. Students who wish to complete the program more quickly may take optional online classes offered in the fall or spring.

four writing workshops

Our students are expected to take four writing workshops in Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, or Playwriting. Students may complete courses in multiple genres to fulfill requirements.

Four Courses in Forms, CRAFT or literature

Our students are expected to take four courses in forms, craft or literature. 

Thesis Project

Following their final summer of coursework, MFA students will complete a thesis project in fulfillment of their final two credits. Working closely with an advisor, students will complete a manuscript of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or dramatic writing.