An Update Regarding the School of Letters 2021 Summer Session

At last we can announce with complete certainty that our summer session this year will be taking place remotely. This has been a difficult decision, but considering the obstacles presented by the expected, continued presence of COVID-19 and numerous matters of equity and inclusion, we strongly feel that this path will be the most fruitful and fair for all of our students and faculty members. Students of the program will receive an email with detailed information. 

However, in lieu of holding a traditional in-person summer session, we would like to offer an optional two-week residency at Sewanee for any students interested (~ June 6 - June 19). Classes would still be online, but coming to campus would allow access to duPont Library and the Fowler Center, and an opportunity to enjoy the enchantment of Sewanee in the summertime while meeting up with some of the participants in the program. Again, we stress that this is fully optional, and that we have outlined terms for rentals in the student email. 

With this residency plan, students will be given both single (Townhouse Residence Halls with single rooms) or family-style housing options. We will let you know more about a meal plan for the two weeks. Alternatively, campus will be open for normal private rentals for the extent of the summer. 

Certain additional costs and COVID-19 precautions would apply to any students who decide to commit to a residency. Again, students will receive an email with detailed information and are asked to fill out a form.

If you have been vaccinated for COVID-19, please notify us and send proof of vaccination. Otherwise, vaccinations will be available on the mountain and surrounding areas.

Private Rentals

Campus will be open to visitors this summer, and for more information about private rentals please see Sewanee’s accommodations page:

School of Letters students will be required to abide by the 3W's and the University Mask Mandate:

  • Washing your Hands
  • Wearing a Mask
  • Watching your Distance
University Mask Mandate
  • All residents of, and visitors to, Sewanee are required to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth when in public or inside buildings other than private residences, with five exceptions:
  1. When they are alone
  2. When they are asleep (such as in a residence hall room or hotel room)
  3. When they are eating or drinking
  4. When they are maintaining a social distance of six feet or more from any other person, and
  5. If they have a documented medical condition that precludes their wearing a face covering.
  • In situations that may be ambiguous with regard to the above exceptions, individuals are asked to exercise their best judgment with regard to their likelihood of spreading the virus to others. If in doubt, individuals should wear a mask. Everyone is asked to have a mask on their person at all times so that they may don it when circumstances require it as outlined above.